SLE 15 device not found, name:/dev/linear

Hi All, I have an issue with the Yast2 partitioner. There’s a prompting error: Probing device relationships failed. Unexpected situation found in the system. Click below to see more details (English only). Continue despite the issue?

Details: device not found, name:/dev/linear

See below a snipped shot of the issue:



@M_A_T Hi, so what is this device linear a remote mount of some description? A stray entry in /etc/fstab perhaps?

Hi @malcolmlewis1 that /dev/linear does not exist, even in /etc/fstab There’s no /dev/linear.

@M_A_T if you press ctl+alt+F1 to get to a tty, alt+ctl+F2 or F7 to get back to the installer, nothing seen in /dev/? All very strange indeed!

I just raised the concern to the SUSE Team and am currently waiting for the solution to this bug in SLE 15 SP4.

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