SLE-Micro - RKE Cluster Build

Not sure where to post this or find correct user forum for SLE-Micro questions. So if this is in wrong category… my apologies.

Goal: To Deploy RKE2 full NSPOF cluster , leaning into UBI based stack. Such as SLE-Micro.

Several things I am struggling with:

  1. Base Packages for bastion host that would be needed for cluster ignition of supervisor cluster and admin / debug for Day2 operations:


transactional-update register -r 7blahE


transactional-update pkg install kubectl tmux git-core arp ### Broken Repo broken

transactional-update pkg install apparmor-parser

  1. How to install packages and update OS certification and setup services to start

Ex: Deploying front end IPLB in HA Active/Passive with nginx

zypper commands wrapped in transactional-udpate fail.

I think this is just some fundamental set of steps to enable SLE-Micro to add SLES channels or run more traditional OS services commands that I am not seeing documentation on how to

@penguinpages Hi, use combustion or ignition when bringing up the node and you can setup requirements prior to the system going read only. Once up use the likes of transaction-update pkg install <some_package>. Likewise for RKE installation, use transactional-update shell perform other steps (eg your zypper command), exit the shell and reboot to the new snapshot… Look at using the -c option to continue until happy…

I use combustion here with vagrant and bare-metal installs…