sle12sp3 registration code

Unable to get sle12sp3 registration code

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The registration codes are not release specific, so if you purchase or get an evaluation one, as long as it’s present (or manually added) to your SCC account, you can register the system for updates.

I have the same problem.
I wanted to register my license on my server but the system shown the next error message
“The subscription with provided registration code does not include the ordered product SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP 3”
How do I know which version my license includes?

@Gerardo the system is already registered? Can you open a terminal and check the status with SUSEConnect?

SUSEConnect --status-text

I have executed the command and the system shows “Not Registered”, I loaded a new license and the system shown the same error message.
What more can I to do?
Awaiting your support.
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@Gerardo can you use SUSEConnect to de-register, clean up and try again?

SUSEConnect --de-register
SUSEConnect --cleanup
SUSEConnect -e <email> -r <regcode>

Hi malcolmlewis
I ran the commands that you provided me, but the result was the same.
Reviewing somethings, I noted that the email with which the license was created is different from the email that activated it, does that have something to do with the fact that the server cannot be registered correctly and for this reason the system shows such error message?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, that could definitely be the case, unfortunately you would need to contact the SCC folks to sort that out :frowning:

Malcolm good afternoon.
My issue had been resolved.
Theoretically thare are two ways:
1.- Migrating from the SUSE Linux Server 12 to SUSE Linux Server 12 for SAP Applications althought the next tutorial or manual for SP3 for SP4

2.- Modifying the file localizaded in the next path

The last option I was use it and I could register my server successfully.

I hope this can help to someone else.

Best regards