SLES 11sp1 Multipath configuration issues

I’m trying to get a SLES 11 sp1 setup with Multipath

I’ve taken to following steps to setup and enable multipath on the server in question:

  1. initially install the OS on a single path (multipath installation rendered the machine incapable of booting)
  2. reboot machine with multiple paths added
  3. create /etc/multipath.conf (included below)
    3.5) update the packages listed in KB article 7008995
  4. add dm-multipath to the INITRD_MOUDULES and run mkinitrd
  5. add boot.multipath and multipathd to the boot sequence
  6. check that fstab and menu.lst are using /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-### to mount disks
  7. reboot

This sequence of steps results in a properly working multipath enabled OS when I’m using SLES 11 sp2 but fails to work with sp1.

If anyone out there has any thoughts on this I’d appreciate any advice.

Here’s the /etc/multipath.conf file

## This is a template multipath-tools configuration file
## Uncomment the lines relevent to your environment
 defaults {
#	udev_dir		/dev
#	polling_interval 	10
#	path_selector		"round-robin 0"
#	path_grouping_policy	multibus
#	getuid_callout		"/lib/udev/scsi_id --whitelisted --device=/dev/%n"
#	prio			const
#	path_checker		directio
#	rr_min_io		100
#	flush_on_last_del	no
#	max_fds			8192
#	rr_weight		priorities
#	failback		immediate
#	no_path_retry		fail
#	queue_without_daemon    no
#	user_friendly_names	no
#	# See /usr/share/doc/packages/device-mapper/12-dm-permissions.rules
#	# to set mode/uid/gid.
#  blacklist {
#       wwid 2100001b3214f85e
#	devnode "^(ram|raw|loop|fd|md|dm-|sr|scd|st)[0-9]*"
#	devnode "^hd[a-z][[0-9]*]"
#	device {
#		vendor DEC.*
#		product MSA[15]00
#	}

devices {
# Device attributed to EMC VNX
device {
vendor "DGC"
product "*"
hardware_handler "1 alua"


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abuckl3y wrote:

I’m trying to get a SLES 11 sp1 setup with Multipath[/color]

I’m sorry I don’t have any multipath experience and am therefore unable
to offer any advise with respect to your issue.

I do see a number of open bugs affecting multipath. Perhaps you would
be better off opening a Service Request in this instance.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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