SLES11 SP2 and apache 2.2.24 (CRIME/BEAST attacks)

Good afternoon,
in the SLES11 SP2 update repo is quite old version (2.2.12.x). This version up to 2.2.24 (I think) are vulnerable to CRIME attacks. Is there some usable official repo which I could use ? For old PHP 5.2.xx I used repo from build service …
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Not necessarily security fixes are backported into the versions, you
need to check the changelogs and CVE references.

Again, check the changelogs from the Open Build Service versions as

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The BEAST attack is actually fixed in openssl itself, you don’t need to update apache2. for the CRIME vulnerability, there is currently no fix in apache2 itself, you can however disable iirc the SSL caching which is the only known workaround. For BEAST, see