Sles12SP5 and wine

Hi, is there a (easy) way how to get wine to sles12 sp5?

Thank you very much

@“” Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Hard to say, it is available via SUSE Package Hub for SLE 15 SP3 (beta), the likely issue is the 32bit compatibility libraries. I would suggest grabbing Codeweavers crossover office trial and seeing if that works…

Unfortunately this is not the way i can use :frowning:

@“” Hi, then the only way is unsupported (YMMV) by branching a version on the openSUSE Build Service and build against the backports repository for SLE 12 SP5;

I can not find wine in the @System Repositorie of
Enterprise Server 15 SP2.
How is to install wine?
Thank you very much!
cu Harald

@“Harald-J.” Hi
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I would suggest asking you question at