SLES15 SP3 ctdb startup fails on 1 node

Hi all, we have recently installed a pair of hosts with SLES15 SP3, HA extension.

The basics (clustered admin IP and SBD) are running fine. Also the clustered OCFS2 FS is created and mounted (from a shared LUN on backend storage). However when following the steps at Samba clustering | Administration Guide | SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 15 SP3, we always end up with ctdb running on 1 node only, with the other having a “Timed Out” failure status. AppArmor has been stopped/disabled, just for purposes of isolating the issue. Also those instructions seem to be inconsistent since the cl-clusterfs resource is never defined.

Wondering if anyone else has successfully got clustered ctdb (& subsequently nmb & smb) up and running on SLES15?

Thanks, Richard.