Small cluster has memory increasing and CPU


I migrated some of my VM from rancher 1.6 to rancher 2.x and I have some problems with the memory and furthermore with the CPU consumption. I monitor my memory usage with collectd and grafana, and I’m little bit disapointed to have a 70% memory consumption only with rancher agent (and 20% on one core CPU).
I attached the graohic showing the memory increasing over time for the light blue / orange / green machine. As an exemple, the blue machine has not been migrated and is under rancher 1.6. So I understand the changes between 1.x and 2.x with kubernetes, but how can I solved this memory and CPU issue (I suppose CPU is due to memory gc ?).

Just to let you know the green machine is an etcd/control/worker node and light blue / orange are only worker nodes. Can this be due only to logs stashing on the node ? or is it due to some misconfiguration of my nodes ?
Because on the long term I am not able to have any pods on those machines, and memory / CPU usage is only due to rancher agent.

As an info, here is also the CPU monitoring which is also a problem.

Bumping this thread a little…
I’m experiencing the same issue in my environment. With rancher 1.6.x the servers where running at an not noticeable CPU during idle hours. With the new deployed 2.0.x cluster I’m seeing a utilization on the server running the rancher-server of about 20%.

Is there anything we can do to change this?