Snapper X size HD

Hello for all,

I need more space in HD, I ever deleted all snapshot when I listed the snapper the result is:

Type | # | Pre # | Date | User | Cleanup | Description | Userdata
single | 0 | | | root | | current |

The size with DF command is:

/dev/sdb1 400G 200G 197G 51% /bancos

but with btrfs filesystem show is:
Label: none uuid: fbe2057a-b2ea-4eda-b33a-404ea5b4ac62
Total devices 1 FS bytes used 196.48GiB
devid 1 size 399.99GiB used 330.04GiB path /dev/sdb1

Why command btrfs show 130Gb less?

Did you wait a couple minutes before using the btrfs command? ‘btrfs
filesystem usage /dev/sdb1’ may be what you want.

Good luck.

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Hello ab,

Yes, I deleted all snapshot one week before and until now nothing. I wanted freeing this space.