Spacewalk on SuSE

I know that Spacewalk is the upstream source for SuSE Manager. I stood up a proof-of-concept Spacewalk on a CentOS server, and successfully setup CentOS, OpenSuSE and RHEL repositories. I would like to rebuild my SW server and put it on a SuSE server, however, all of the SW repositories and documentation are for RHEL, CentOS or Fedora. To the best of my knowledge, there are no SW repositories for SuSE. Right now I would have to compile it from source.

Does anyone know of SuSE SW repositories? If not, has anyone compiled it from source?

Thank you


On OBS… :wink:

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The packages on only cover the client stack, not the server.

All the source is available upstream and you’re welcome to use the Open Build Service to create Spacewalk (Server) packages.

There have been similar inquiries before but noone made the attempt to create SUSE packages.