SSH to use LDAP

I have LDAP running on my SUSE LInux Enterprise 11SP2 (64)
Till now I was just using SSH to login, but now I want SSH also to authenticate to LDAP.
How can I configure my SSH to also use LDAP, I still want to use SSH for local users (root)?


If you configured the system on install with ldap, aside from the root user, any users added should be using ldap? Or did you configure the users to use the local passwds rather than ldap?

If you configured the users as ldap users, then it should already be using ldap for ssh?

You should be able to check things with pam-config -q to see the installed options and modules.

Hello Malcolm,

I have installed ldap later.
AT the moment I am still using local accounts when logging unto the server.
What I did was install openvpn and ldap.
Both services are running and I even created a link within openvpn to ldap.
So when I connect to the server with openvpn, I use the LDAP user account (seems local account is not working anymore).
Once the openvpn is connected and I open putty, I can only login with local account.
Which is logicall, because i didnt configure the server to use ldap authentication.
I know I have to configure the /etc/nsswitch.conf file , but I need to be sure what to change exactly, because I don’t want to lock myself out.

It’s in the pam configuration (I’m no ldap guru) AFAIK.

Have a read here;

Here is an example here;