sshd configuration

Hi all,

I am using sles11 sp1. I want to configure sshd to log messages in different file other than /var/log/messages.
how can I achive this?

Hi All,

It’s done using filter in /etc/rsyslog.conf file as

Redirect sshd related messages

if ($programname == ‘sshd’ or $msg contains ‘publickey’) then \
#if ($msg contains ‘publickey’) then \
& ~

which syslog do you use? rsyslog or syslog-ng?


On 26/08/2015 11:24, maikcat wrote:

which syslog do you use? rsyslog or syslog-ng?[/color]

Given jaipankaj reported back that they edited /etc/rsyslog.conf I’m
guessing they’re using rsyslog. For syslog-ng on SLES11 SPx the file to
edit is /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf which has a different format.


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didnt notice that the op simply updated the thread with a solution,

my bad sorry