Storage class iscsi on rke cluster

I am trying to use a lun iscsi as a storage class in rke.
But don’t find documentation, and what I find is deprecated.

Is it possible to use iscsi and have a storage class with rke?


What kind of storage are you using? FreeNAS, NetApp, EMC, PureStorage?

For testing I am connecting to Synology, I can also try with Dell EqualLogic PS Series.
On the nodes (ubuntu 18.04) of the cluster I can initialize and mount the luns without problems.
I am using rke 1.1.5 with v1.18.6-rancher1-2.


I solved it, the problem was the iscsid installed and running on the nodes (vm ubuntu 18.04).
I stopped and disabled the service and I mount a LUN as a block device on pod.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: iscsipd
  - name: iscsipd-ro
    image: nginx:stable-alpine
    - mountPath: "/usr/share/nginx/html/"
      name: iscsivol
  - name: iscsivol
      lun: 1
      fsType: ext4
      readOnly: false

But now my question is:
can I use a storage class and have the dynamic provisioning of PVC inside a LUN?


Hi Neni,

I am in the same point, having an Equalogic disks cabin, and connecting luns.
But what I want is dynamic volumes provisioning over that luns.
I was thinking to use something like Longhorn, but it only provisions volumes from the local disks, not from remote iscsi luns :-/

Did you managed to find a solution?