Suggestion : Environment level environment variables

Is it possible to set an environment variable at a higher level that will be applied to all new/upgraded containers?

This could be used to set something like to ensure all spring apps in a particular environment have the correct profile specified.

The concept could also be brought down to the stack level as a way to set an environment variable for just that stack. If you define an environment variable at a lower level it overrides the higher level.

So is it possible and if not could it be considered for a future version.

Hi, did you get any feedback on this or opened a ticket?

I’d need some variables from a file that’s on the node. To name it:

  1. use case: let the container know of it’s surroundings via environment vars (like AWS availability zone, node’s DNS name, placement group, rancheros version, …), so it can send more valuable metrics
  2. use case: add more dynamic fields to the log drivers log-opt --tag option (add same stuff as above)

so any log/metric sent by docker or the app would include my context.

same with secrets…this would be a killer feature

Secrets are already environment-level.

The documentation isn’t very explicit. I haven’t used secrets as it appears I have to add them one by one to each service after creating each secret in the environment?