Suse 12 Enterprise Server - VNCSERVER help needed

Starting the vncserver by executing vncserver :1 works as expected but what actually starts? I issued these commands but nothing I see identifies with the vncserver. Is there a program name for this VNC server, tigervnc? Is there a known configuration file? Is this a service that start where I can display the status?
service --status-all
systemctl -a
systemctl list-unit-files
chkconfig -A

Presumably TCP 5901 is in use; have you tried asking the OS which process
is using that socket?

sudo /usr/sbin/ss -planeto | grep :5901

Good luck.

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Results:/usr/sbin/ss -planeto | grep :5904 LISTEN 0 5 *:5904 *:* users:(("Xvnc",2399,6)) ino:45890 sk:784ee800 <->
When I issue the start the vncserver the log will reference the tigervnc server but I do not find this service. The man page for Xvnc has -inetd as an option. When I issue the vncserver with the option -inetd the server fails to start and nothing is written in the log or on the screen. Starting the VNC server from yast allows me to configure these services in the network services. It seems the command line invocation does not use these settings. So, I like to know what is different with the start of the vncserver from the command line. Then how and where to configure what actually starts.