suse 12 iptables

I have installed SUSE 12 with the firewall disabled:
<enable_firewall config:type=“boolean”>false</enable_firewall>
<start_firewall config:type=“boolean”>false</start_firewall>

But iptables is showing one INPUT chain:
iptables -L -n

target prot opt source destination

Would you have any idea on how to disable iptables during the SLES installation?

Thanks and BR/

If that’s all you see, then that makes sense. A disabled firewall
effectively allows everything in all directions. To see the actual rules,
try /usr/sbin/iptables-save and youll probably see nothing other than
comments about where rules would be in their respective sections.

You cannot completely disable the firwall; it’s appropriately part of the
kernel, which means to disable it you must unload the kernel (aka

Good luck.

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