SUSE Bonding Network

I’m Thomson from Indonesia.
I have questions about SUSE Network bonding support.

[]Is bonding supported with direct connection using crossover cables between two servers?
]How to bond servers in active/backup mode without switch?

Thank you,
Thomson Malau

I saw a thread internally today with this same question, so I am guessing
it is from a contact you asked (sales rep, account rep, etc. The answer
appeared to be, “Yes, it should work in any mode.” Also somebody pointed
out that with gigabit ethernet you do not even need crossover cables.

Good luck.

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Hi all,

“Yes, it should work in any mode.”

from personal experience, I’d be careful with multiple LACP bonds between the same two Linux servers (please note that I don’t mean “LACP over multiple links”, which would be standard, but creating bond0, bond1, … between the same two servers). While I haven’t checked for some months, the upstream kernel implementation seemed to ignore the LACP partner ID, always using “0”, making it impossible for the remote side to distinguish the bonds when assigning the links to the LACP bonds.

For now, I’ve worked around by forcing that parameter at the switch level, which obviously is no solution for direct links.