SUSE Issue with Japanese Language


I am from the data Center project in INDIA. Well, we’re trying to do the SUSE automated Installation using some Cisco Tools.

With the Configuration file for autoyast installation, i was able to successfully automate Suse in English language. But i need the installation to be

done in japanese, so i tired chaging the autoyast configuration file for Japanese language, by changing the Keymap, and the language, the installation was not in japanese, instead it was in English.

$node_time_zone japanese.PC104 ja_JP.UTF-8

This is the config file i changed. Let me know what all need to be changed in the autoyast configuration file to get the installation done in japanese.

it will really help us a lot.



on a system I installed is the content of the autoinst.xml the following:

german en_US

so I assume you don’t need ja_JP.UTF-8 only ja_JP (if that’s the locale).