SUSE Manager 3.1: access rights for bootstrapping via GUI


This is about SUSE Manager 3.1.

I’m trying to figure out what rights are needed for a user to be able to bootstrap systems via the web interface. Actually I’m always ending up setting the admin role “Organization Administrator”. In any other combination of access rights the menu item “Systems → Bootstrapping” is missing.
Is this by design? Am I missing something? :confused: IMHO needing rights as organizational administrator might be overkill just for bootstrapping a system.

Thanks and best regards

Bringing new systems under control of the organization belongs to the org admin. Who else would be in a suitable role ? What would you suggest ?

From a security point of view I can fully agree with this aspect.

In this special case which I’m asking for the guys who provision the systems are also doing the boot-strapping but they should not be able to do administrative tasks of an org admin. Whoever, I think this has to be resolved in an organizational way and not technically.

Thanks for your feedback!