SUSE OpenStack Cloud Installer Failed to launch playbook

Hi, I try to deploy OpenStack (SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9) using CLM with 7 Nodes:

  • 1 CLM node
  • 3 Controller node
  • 3 Compute node

I’m Using SUSE 12. Validation process on WEB UI is success, but when I try to deploy, I get an error Failed to launch playbook installui-pre-deployment.yml. NOT FOUND
This happen yesterday and now (19-20 July).

Last week, I try to deploy, but not getting an error like that. This is the screenshot I take:

Does the directory in the errors show in the screenshot exist? The default directory for the ardana user is not under /home

cat /etc/passwd | grep ardana
ardana:x:488:487:Ardana Home:/var/lib/ardana:/bin/bash

you install the deployer as some other user (not named ardana) and than after installing the cloud pattern and the creates the user. Please see this document for details.