SUSE SLED crashes (due to BIOS bug?)

I have Cepter Core i5 laptop with American Megatrends BIOS.
I’m developing scientific computing (machine learning) software that uses CPU heavily.
When I run my program in Debian Virtual Box Intel CPU Turbo is activated and CPU runs at ~4 GHz. Within few minutes, however, the code now causes overheating error and BIOS error message and reboot.
I tried to turn off the Turbo feature so the CPU runs at 2.3 GHz but this too causes BIOS bug message about corrupted memory in BIOS or something.

Would SuSE developed a workaround for this? Reducing CPU usage in case of overheating might keep the system stable or work-around around BIOS bugs?

@MarkoL Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Likely pushing the limits running a vm and the host OS on an i5 (what type of i5?), can’t run natively in SLE? You probably need to look at using nice with your program and see how that goes.