SUSE SLES12 - Update Patch Kernel - no file rpm in CVE reported

I want to update the SUSE SLES12 server according to Nessus software report.
According to the report and for kernel, the following CVE numbers are provided for update:
But in none of the CVEs on the site there are any files that need to be updated and it is not possible to download the file.
The files that CVE refers to and are not available on the site are as follows:
I also registered a SUSE SLES12 SP4 server with x86 / 64 architecture on the site.
Please advise me why the files are not uploaded.
??? ???

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Is the system using the online repositories?

zypper lr -Ed

That kernel is for Point of Service system, but SLES 12 SP4 is running the 4.4.121 kernels which is higher and will incorporate those CVE’s (Check the changelog for the CVE references).

I use local Repository.

Do you have access to the 4.4.121 kernel? If so you will be fine (check the changelog).