Susemanager API addOrRemoveSystems

I am trying to use the API of susemanager, with the use of python 2. I can make a connection. i can list groups, see what servers are in the group, delete and create groups. Everthing is fine so far.
But now i want to add servers to the systemgroup. The syntax in de api document is:

  • string sessionKey
  • string systemGroupName
  • array:
    * int - serverId
  • boolean add - True to add to the group, False to remove.

My syntax in python is: client.systemgroup.addOrRemoveSystem(key, “Groupname”, “‘id’: 1000000”, ‘True’)
but i getting the fault -1 return code and the error Could not find translator for class java.lang.string to interface java.util.list
I know that the serverid must be done in a list(array) but it should not make a difference to directly put it in like i did.
The obviously must be something wrong with the syntax. Anyone can help me out?