Swarm environment & Amazon ECR

We were using a Cattle environment in Rancher with an ECR repository. To make it work, we deployed a rancher-ecr-credentials in its own stack as explained here : https://github.com/objectpartners/rancher-ecr-credentials. Then, when we deploy containers from ECR, rancher asks for credentials to this service, and it works!

Now, we’d like to try Swarm (with rancher server v1.2.0-pre3). We do the same thing as before : we deploy a rancher-ecr-credentials container in a stack, but when we want to deploy a container from our ECR repo it fails :

(Expected state running but got error: Image [xxx4845.dkr.ecr.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/authapp:latest] failed to pull: unauthorized: authentication required)

So, this is working in Cattle, but not in swarm.

Any idea?

Thank you

@cabrinoob - does the ecr updater container log out any errors?

@johnrengelman : No, I just have :

20/10/2016 10:29:12Updating ECR Credentials

No error.

it’s not finding the registry to update credentials for…there should be a line that follows that that reads:

10/27/2016 2:58:36 PMSuccessfully updated credentials 1c17 for registry 1sp6; registry address: <account id>>.dkr.ecr.<region>.amazonaws.com

Ok, my bad … so so bad ^^. I forgot to add the ECR registry in the environment …