The endpoint was removed from Service list long time when node down

Env info:
K3s version: v1.27.3+k3s1

Node info:Linux shk3s-3 5.4.0-153-generic #170-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 16 13:43:31 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Cluster info: 3 servers

❯ k get no
NAME      STATUS   ROLES                       AGE    VERSION
shk3s-1   Ready    control-plane,etcd,master   2d3h   v1.27.3+k3s1
shk3s-2   Ready    control-plane,etcd,master   2d3h   v1.27.3+k3s1
shk3s-3   Ready    control-plane,etcd,master   2d3h   v1.27.3+k3s1

Run 3 replicas app (like redis) in the cluster, and a service with 3 endpoints normally, like below

❯ kubectl describe endpoints/redis
Name:         redis
Namespace:    dbs
Annotations:  <none>
  NotReadyAddresses:  <none>
    Name          Port   Protocol
    ----          ----   --------
    tcp-redis     6379   TCP
    tcp-sentinel  26379  TCP

Events:  <none>

When use command kubectl delete po/redis-node-0, then the endpoint for that pod was removed from list quickly. But when shutdown a node, watch the endpoints list, the endpoint was removed wait about 30s to 1min, during this period, the triffics will be routed to the failed pod, cause the call error.

Below is the k3s server start parameters:

k3s server --prefer-bundled-bin \
  --disable local-storage \
  --write-kubeconfig-mode 644 \
  --kube-apiserver-arg default-not-ready-toleration-seconds=30 \
  --kube-apiserver-arg default-unreachable-toleration-seconds=30 \
  --kube-controller-manager-arg node-monitor-grace-period=10s

So, any tips to reduce the time of removing endpoint when node down?