The hunt for Red October:

No, not the movie…

Kaspersky Lab Identifies Operation Red October, an Advanced
Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targeting Diplomatic and Government
Institutions Worldwide.


Full research report:

Last week we were told about a major Java vulnerability that could
allow our systems to be compromised. Now we learn of a sophisticated
targeted attack by what appears to be some very clever people. How are
we ever to maintain the integrity of our systems?

  1. Be vigilant
  2. Ensure your security software is up to the task and up to date.

We expect the security and research organisations to identify new
security threats and help us deal with them and, for the most part,
they have done so. I’m somewhat troubled by the fact that this
particular threat has gone undetected since 2007.

In light of the recent sensational press highlighting security issues,
is anyone taking the opportunity to reassess or augment their current
security software or is the consensus that the current software is
doing its job?

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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