Things that interest me at SUSECon

Hi Readers of SUSE Conversations Blog,

I thought I would post to write about a session I am particularly excited about at SUSECon, but first a bit about me and why I am interested.

Coming from about 6 years in the security space; specifically in the areas of Identity and Access Management, Data Governance, Application Security (Static/Dynamic), Network perimeters, and SIEM; I am relatively new to SUSE and open source in general. In fact, until my SUSE enablement classes with Rich Wiltbank and Erin Quill a few weeks ago, I thought of open source as being a security gap of sorts. Well; needless to say I was wrong and definitely learned some new things that week about responsiveness in the open source community.

I actually have two favorite sessions at SUSECon, which I hope to attend:

Best Practices for High Availability Clustering: This is interesting because HA concerns I have consistently come across as a common client concern. In retail, for example, peak periods (Christmas for example) are critical for the client and any downtime can extremely detrimental to financial performance. This session is about architecting the simplest and most effective way to minimize that risk…which I think will ultimately lead to productive client conversations.

Platform as a Service with SUSE Studio: This seems like a fascinating idea to me. To get some clarity, I read the Wikipedia article on this HERE, and this basically puts the application deployment and configuration into the hands of the customer. No longer is the customer locked into the apps that a provider wants them to use. They decide based on their needs, which seems like it might ultimately save big companies a lot of money by avoiding the need to outsource customization projects.

So these are the two sessions I plan to attend. I would be curious about what others at my relatively early stage of learning are interested in too!

Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy SUSECon. Maybe some other
relatively new comer to SUSE will jump in here with their thoughts.

Kim - 10/20/2014 9:37:04 AM