This is what customer Service should be like

When I purchased my home about 10 years ago. I had the front door changed.
I bought Baldwin door handles, they come with a lifetime warranty. I
actually purchased them off of eBay, so I never actually bought them from an
authorized dealer.

I have double doors so have to identical handles. Well the thumb latch on
one handle stopped working, The second doesn’t;t actually open the handle is
only ornamental, so i just switched them out and life went on. Well
eventually the second latch went. So I had put duck tape(Lindsey would be

So I decided to look up Baldwin and found the customer service. I called
up…Explained that the latches on two handles were no longer functioning.
That I had purchased approx 9 years ago and had no idea where my invoice
was. Person on the phone said, sure no problem what model. They apologized
profusely about it failing and then apologized again when the parts were
back ordered and would ship in 15 days.

All this took about 10 15 minutes on the phone…

Now that is customer service.


Now that is customer service.

Nice. You mean you didn’t get,
sorry that’s no longer supported?