Too many redirects when accessing the dashboard URL


I am fairly new to Rancher, and I just deployed Rancher 2.6 onto an RKE2 cluster. As a bit of background, my setup is as follows. Rancher is configured with tls=external. I then have an external HAproxy load balancer, handling TLS termination, which is pointing to the ingress port on the RKE2 nodes.

Issue being, I get a “too many redirects” message on my browser when I try to access the Rancher dashboard. I see in the install documentation (for external TLS termination here: Rancher Docs: Rancher Helm Chart Options that I need to configure the ingress controller to allow forwarded headers. Trouble is, I have no idea where this config stanza goes. I cannot find a cluster.yml anywhere on my machine. Has anyone else faced this issue?

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