Traffic balancing with Amazon route 53 based on geolocation

Hi all,

I want to setup a system with trafic balancing between 3 regions: Europe, USA, Asia.
So, at now, the system consists of 3 hosts - one host per region in Rancher environment. I deployed my application and scale it to every host. I, also, deployed Rancher load balancer to every host and link my application to it. Every load balancer have public 80, 443 ports. I configured Amazon Route 53 to send client requests to load balancer depend on client geolocation.

For instance, client from Europe requests application. Then Amazon Route 53 handles this request and depend on traffic policy redirects client to server in Europe. Next step in this chain is Rancher load balancer. At this point I have a problem, that load balancer uses Round-robin strategy and sends client request to another region.

Any ideas, how to solve this problem or better solution to configure such system?

I’d suggest a hub and spoke design would be far simpler, not that there’s really a hub. Anyway, basically, a full, self contained Rancher implementation in each region, with DNS routing between the three appropriately. If DNS sends the traffic to a particular region, it stays in that region (because it has nowhere else to go). There are obvious tradeoffs (more to manage etc.) but they are well worth it for the simplicity I’d say. You wouldn’t want to ‘trombone’ between two regions I’d imagine.

This isn’t something I’m an expert in, just my view, heavily biased by network and application delivery experience.