Troubleshooting Cluster-Autoscaler for Kubernetes Cluster on VMs in Azure

Is it possible to use Rancher v2.5.5 to deploy a Kubernetes cluster running on UbuntuServer 18.04 VM Scale Sets in Azure and then set up cluster autoscaling? We’re able to get the cluster up and running and specify that the vmType should be VM Scale Sets (vmss) in Azure, but Rancher only provisions regular VMs in an Availability Set, and the resulting resources don’t seem to align with what the cluster-autoscaler documentation expects. We’re able to add nodes to nodepools through the Rancher UI manually, and they’re created as expected. Is there a bug that keeps Rancher from provisioning the VM Scale Sets as we would expect?

Am I correct in assuming that the documentation here: Rancher Docs: Cluster Autoscaler
should point me to the kubernetes cluster-autoscaler documentation here:
autoscaler/ at master · kubernetes/autoscaler · GitHub

I’m still pretty new to a lot of this, so if there’s any other information I can provide that would be helpful, please let me know!

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