Trying to upgrade from Sles 12sp1 to Sles 12sp2


I patch the box.
Run a VM snapshot on it
log into a text window
run : zypper migration
all seems to work until the very end when I get the following on a couple of boxes?

Problem occured during or after installation or removal of packages:
Failed to cache rpm database (1).

so I end up moving back to snapshot and reregistering the box

Any ideas on what to do to prevent this or fix?


Hmmm… seems running :: rpm --rebuildb
before running :: zypper migration
clears up it on the two boxes I tried this morning.


Good feedback. I have never seen this with my upgrades before, but if
there is some kind of problem with the DB before, then it will probably be
there after.

Thanks for sharing.

Good luck.

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