Unable to access container shell or stats

Hi all

I recently installed Debian 9 onto a Proxmox virtual machine and then installed Docker 18.03.1-ce. I connected this host to my Rancher v1 environment. When it connected, spawned some stacks and containers onto it.

The containers work if I browse to it (e.g. http://myservice.mydomain.com) but when I go into Rancher and click into the container, it briefly shows “Connecting” in the stats (Memory etc) but then nothing shows (see screengrab 2021-09-10-14-48-07 — ImgBB). If I then attempt to connect to the shell, it just sits at “Connecting”.

If I ssh to the actual host, I can then docker exec -it containerId but I can’t figure out why I can’t just use the Shell through Rancher.

Likewise, if I try to view the logs through Rancher, I get the message " Note: Only combined stdout/stderr logs are available for this container because it was run with the TTY (-t) flag.", and nothing else.

Again, via ssh on the host, I can use docker logs containerId -f no problem.

I suspect it’s a permission thing but as I’m not a Rancher guru, I don’t know where to even being looking to solve this. There is a single, local user on the host (which I have added to the docker group using sudo usermod -aG docker myuser) and they’re able to do things like docker ps.

If anyone has any suggestions, I am happy to try them! Thank you for reading and I hope that we can find a solution to this problem!