Unable to Backup etcd snapshot to S3


I am unable to take ETCD snapshot backup from Rancher UI to AWS S3 bitbucket. However I can communicate S3 bucket from rancher master manually through machine. But unable to copy from Rancher UI. please suggest

Check rancher pods logs. You can enable debug if need:

  1. For all rancher pods:

kubectl -n cattle-system get pods -l app=rancher --no-headers -o custom-columns=name:.metadata.name | while read rancherpod; do kubectl -n cattle-system exec $rancherpod -c rancher – loglevel --set debug; done

  1. Leader only:

leader=kubectl -n kube-system get configmap cattle-controllers -o jsonpath='{.metadata.annotations.control-plane\.alpha\.kubernetes\.io/leader}' | jq .holderIdentity | sed 's/"//g'; kubectl -n cattle-system exec $leader -c rancher – loglevel --set debug