Unable to create a RancherOS to AWS EC2 by Rancher "Add Host"

In the security group, I opened all ports. However, Rancher failed to ssh into that instance while creating it. (reached max retries=60)

I am using the AWS EC2 us-west2 with AMI:
us-west-2 HVM ami-58fe0238

How to config it?:confused:

I figured it out:
I have to set up the user name to “rancher”. So tricky. Why not rancher API do it automatically…?:frowning2:

I know you are using docker-machine, but it is easy to fix as long as you know which AMI is rancherOS. If you find out user entered an RancherOS AMI, just change the default user name to “rancher”.

I can even think another way to fix it. Just change the default user in RancherOS from rancher to ubuntu :rolling_eyes:

:speaking_head: As long as you want to make others’ life easier, you can!

In Rancher, we are using a docker-machine command which can take in any AMI and username for the AMIs.

There is no easy way for us to store the fact that if you happened to use a RancherOS AMI, then we should input the username as “rancher”.

But I’m glad you figured it out!