Unable to create k3s downstream cluster with node provider Openstack and external cloud-controller-manager


I’m struggling with creating a downstream k3s cluster (rke2 as well) on Openstack (via Openstack node driver) and an external cloud-controller-manager (cloud-provider-openstack/using-openstack-cloud-controller-manager.md at master · kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack · GitHub)

I was able to do that for an RKE (v1) cluster, as there is a UI form for the cloud-controller-manager and there I put just “external” and the nodes booted and were tainted as expected. For K3S I tried several variants of adding advanced additional arguments for kubelet, apiserver and controller manager (cloud-provider=external for each of them) but the nodes still came up untainted and deploying the ccm anyway resulted in failures (address already in use issues for the OCCM on some high port)

Any idea how that could be achieved?

Thanks in advance