Unable to get hosts added properly under the quick start guide

So I have rancher server running on a debian8 host. I am trying to add 2 debian 8 docker container hosts (or even more).

I added a host and then went to add no2 and under “hosts” I have one showing active,
but its FQDN keeps flicking between no1 and no2.

This seems a very strange configuration? (ie this is how it is meant to be? which is very confusing) or is it something is wrong?

–edit1-- I have hit a limit of 20 replies so I cant reply but yes host 1 and 2 are clones. I did however remove the docker instance. So how do I purge the UUID?

–edit2-- Cleaned out host two under /var/lib/docker and re-tried, same effect so where ever the UUID is written its buggering my attempts up totally. Where is it written?

Did you image/clone over host from the other? The agent writes a uuid to disk and if copied they are then the “same” host.

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