Uninstall Rancher and upgrade K8S to the new version

Hi Team,


  1. Rancher version: v2.2.4, Helm: v2.10.0-rancher11, Host: v0.15.0-rancher8-1
  2. we have deployed rancher for managing all K8S nodes, and all nodes are managed by rancher.
  3. we’re going to upgrade K8S to the latest version, and rancher will control the whole process of upgrade, seems that there are lots of risks when upgrading.

So , the question is that:

  1. is there any way to uninstall rancher before upgrading K8S? If so , we can upgrade K8S nodes manually using kubeadm.
  2. in other words, don’t need to uninstall Rancher, we can upgrade K8S to the new version manually.