Update Workload on Pipeline Execution


Are there any means to automatically update a workload when a pipeline successfully pushes a newly created image?

Not at this time. There are other projects that do similar, e.g. https://github.com/keel-hq/keel .

@vincent Thanks for the fast reply.

This rises a couple of follow-up questions:

  • Will this be available on GA?
  • Does it look feasible to perform this with a couple of lines of shell script and the rancher cli?
  • Will rancher server update its state if another tool (like keel) updates k8s woirkloads directly (bypassing rancher)?


They can certainly update a deployment but a shell script is not going to receive a webhook from Dockerhub and react to it.

Yes, there is only one system of record (etcd).

@vincent I am aware that a shell script itself will not receive webhooks, but I was thinking to run a shell script from the pipeline after publishing the images. It could either invoke rancher cli or API (e.g. via curl). A potential problem is to get the necessary keys into the container that runs the scripts without compromising security too much (I assume, there is no way to get secrets into a pipeline step).