Upgrading to latest beta release

We currently have Rancher 0.44 (latest) installed here, using LDAP authentication.

When I try to upgrade to 0.46 (beta) and access the web interface, I get prompted for Github login, not for LDAP.

Is LDAP login broken under 0.46? Is there something I’m missing in the upgrade?


I ran a container using rancher/server:v0.44.0 then enabled AD and upgraded to rancher/server:v0.46.0

This worked and caused no issues. Which rc did you use that broke this so I can try and reproduce.

Has this instance ever used github before?

This instance has never used Github.

I upgraded to the nightly beta build by doing

  • docker pull rancher/server:beta
  • docker stop rancher-server
  • docker rm rancher-server
  • docker run -d rancher/server:beta --name=rancher-server $OPTIONS

This uses the same database as the old one as it is a mapped volume in the options. When it came up and would not allow LDAP login, I went back by the same process but using rancher/server:latest, which brought everything back up as before.

This method has worked for upgrading from 0.42 to 0.44 and to 0.46, though in those cases I was using rancher/server:latest and not :beta.

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Ahh, I see the issue here.

We moved away from using the latest and beta tags as versioning and started creating “rc” candidates for our pre-releases. The rancher/server:beta tag is still pointing to the beta version we ended up releasing (v0.24.0 or something).

The most stable releases are always latest. If you wanted to try to do a rc, it’s a bit harder as we don’t always have one for each week.

Just to clarify, in beta/v0.24/July the only form of auth that existed was GitHub… It knows auth should be on but didn’t check what kind back then (since there was no need yet)… so that’s why you’re getting the GitHub login screen.

That explains it all. It must have been some old documentation I read that said a nightly :beta build was done.

So, I can stick to using :latest to get the most recent stable weekly build. I was hoping to be able to use :beta to get the bleeding-edge last night dev build and try out some of the cool new features, but maybe best to stick with the :latest if it updates weekly.