Use let's encrypt certificate.pem files as provided files


I don’t know if I’m doing something obviously wrong but I’m having difficulty setting up the single node docker install sat in front of an nginx reverse proxy that has a wildcard cert provided by let’s encrypt.

The renewal of the certs is handled outside of rancher and I don’t need it to do the renewal so the built in let’s encrypt functionality isn’t needed. I want to provide the path to the files (cert and key) and anything else needed to get it up and running.

Can someone tell me what config options I need to get this kind of setup done for rancher hosted in docker?

I suspect my issues are to do with not providing either intermediate or root certs correctly. I’m just not sure what the options or files need to look like with a config like this.

Additionally I can make any changes needed in nginx (and the cert files can be modified to include more intermediate certs if needed)