Users' avatars -- how do they do that?

Hello community,

I wonder if there is a way to change randomly generated users’ avatars in Rancher 2.x UI to images uploaded by users or fetched from github, gravatar, etc.?

There’s no any options neither in UI, nor in API as I can see, but I’ve seen some people here posted screenshots with nice avatars in Rancher 2.x UI…


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You get them if you use GitHub. Otherwise no; not all auth providers have an email field and we don’t ask for it so gravatar doesn’t really work.

Thank you @vincent, but how do I use GitHub? I have on-premises single node docker install of Rancher 2.3.5.

When I try to create new user, I can only assign username, password, display name, and global/custom permissions (and description to be precise)

When I look at users list all users are local which means there should be some kind of “global” type of users I guess. And you mentioned a “provider”

Could you please advise how do I use the latter? Or share a link to the documentation.

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Awesome! Thanks again!