Using convoy device mapper, gluster, for snapshots, volume managment

Hey guys,

I used this tutorial to create a gluster server and attached a volume:

I wanted to try out convoy devicemapper to manage volumes: takes snapshots, backup to ec2, recovery, etc. Right now i’m a little unclear how to use devicemapper. after installing a Glusterfs server and convoy-gluster from services I’m not sure which container I should execute shell on and run my convoy commands. My application containers don’t have convoy installed. When I shell into: convoy-gluster_convoy-gluster_1 or convoy-gluster_convoy-gluster-storagepool_1 convoy seems to be installed but when i run run ‘convoy list’ i get:

 "Error": "Get http:///var/run/convoy/convoy.sock/v1/volumes/list: dial unix /var/run/convoy/convoy.sock: no such file or directory"                     }         

Do I need to build the convoy daemon into my application’s docker image that has the shared volume or create a new container just for convoy device mapping or should shelling into the convoy-gluster and running convoy commands there work? Trying to figure out the best practice on this.



Did you ever figure this out? Having the same struggle and am very confused. I can’t seem to reconcile the fact that Convoy claims to do snapshots, with these Convoy storage pool stacks that don’t seem to have Convoy configured as per the repo instructions.

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