Using log_driver with Gelf instead of logspunk


I found this post Docker Logging Driver but its closed, so I couldnt continue on there but its a related issue…

It seems that using log_driver with Gelf would be a good way to substitute the requirement of Logspout, wouldnt it? Has anyone attempted this? Where are rancher itnernal containers sending their logs? is there a way to configure these to also use a log driver? (maybe a cluster/env wide log driver option?)

On a semi-related note, is it possible/planned to be able to change catalog options on a deployed service? We may need, for example, to change logstash config, add things, etc… Will this be supported or is the best practice to deploy a new logstash service from the catalog, and then change the inter-service links to link to the new one?

Upon further thought this may not work, as the service links are defined in the catalog deploy time… so unless we create external links for all services deployed from the catalog, it wouldnt work…? any ideas here?

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