Using setmembers with environment api keys


I am trying to use the API and specifically the setmembers action on a project.

curl -v -d '{"externalId":"CN=Jos Houtman,OU=KvK,OU=Gebruikers,DC=win,DC=k94,DC=kvk,DC=nl", "externalIdType":"ldap_user", "role":"owner"}'  ""

This works when using personal API keys, but not when using environment API keys.
The documentation states: The key is owned by the Environment and has full access to manage that Environment, but no access to any others (

So my question, is this a bug in the code or in the documentation?


Environment keys can manage everything in the environment, but not the environment (and its members) itself.

If this were allowed, there would effectively be no difference between owner and member because members can make API keys.