V1.2 Loadbalancer virtual hosts

I’m trying to do some load balancing with virtuals hosts in rancher 1.2 i found this tutorial but its for an older version. In this version you add source ports and than add targets. in the new version i cannot add a port rule for two apps to one loadbalancer because the source ports are the same

Image below doesnt work because “Port 443 has multiple rules with conflicting access/protcols”

When i add a loadbalancer service for each stack. one domain works but the other is giving a 503 error and presents the certificate of the first loadbalancer.

The unfortunately cut off protocols in your picture probably don’t match, make sure both are https. (What browser/os is this? I’ll make them wider)

ugh, That was the issue, thought i had them both on https. thanks for the help.

And it was chrome on windows 10