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Hi Forum Users,

my skills in the language „English“ ist not very good. I try to communicate.

My question is about Virtual Manager. And therefore about Snapshots.

In the moment I can only create Snapshots if I keep the storageconfiguration for the Virtual Machines on the „default“ adjustment.

In this case the V- Machines will stored in: /var/lib/libvirt/images

But when I use there a LVM – Volume Group (with placed on my second Hard Drive) and create there Locial Volumes for my VM’s, the Snapshots are not available.

In the „default“ configuration the programm show me: < Storagename>.qcow2 and the snapshot function works.

Can this error because of LVM?

Even I try follow manual, but after this my Virtual Manager chrased down.

Thanks to all, Flo


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