Virtualizing applications with LXC...


A quick question regarding the use of LXC with SLES…

I need to run the same application on an array of servers (a small application that bridges between a client application and a database server), and thought about using LXC for the job.
Do I need to create actual system containers for each instance (and in sense run X number of SLES installs on each physical server) or is there a way to have the application run within the “normal” ressource containers?

As the application does not write to disk, and the configuration files can be set at install (hence being able to have instance A run on config file A, instance B on config file B and so on) it is more a matter of “assigning” them to run within a ressource container and ensure that they are not accessible through either system or other containers (as the application uses the same network port for communication).

Also, any guides that may cover this would be very much appreciated (installing LXC and/or setting up system containers guides are plentyful, but can’t seem to find any that covers the topic of doing actual application install/isolation within a created ressource container).



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