Volume as File and Subdirectories

In docker-compose I can do this (map host file to container file):

  - ./appname/site.settings:/var/www/html/site.settings

In Rancher, with rancher-nfs, I cant seem to map a file, only a folder

  - nfs-volumename:/var/www/html

Two questions:

  1. Using volumes, is it possible to map a file, rather than just a folder
  2. Using volumes, is it possible to map on the volume side to a sub-folder… e.g.
  - nfs-volumename/log/www:/var/log/www
  - nfs-volumename/log/appname:/var/log/appname

I’m curious as well. Rancher doesn’t allow “symbols” in the volume names, so nfs-volumename/log/www is invalid. The only solution I can see is to map each volume.

  - nfs-volumename-log-www:/var/log/www
  - nfs-volumename-log-appname:/var/log/appname

My storage driver page is about to get huge…