"Volumes From" in new Application?


Not sure if I’m approaching this the best way, but let’s say I want to create a simple MySQL application that has 2 services:

  • MySQL container
  • MySQL data container

I can’t seem, while setting up the new application, a way to include a --volumes-from (at least from the GUI) to another service/container within the same application. When creating an adhoc container (not part of an application), I am provided the volumes from option in the GUI, but not when doing it from an Application.

Is there another way to build an application / stack using data volumes?


Services do not have a volumes from option in the UI because it doesn’t make sense… The service can have many containers (scale option) on different hosts.

We call what you’re looking for Sidekicks, http://docs.rancher.com/rancher/concepts/#sidekicks . This lets you define a sub-service that gets scheduled alongside and at the same scale as the primary service. Creating sidekicks is currently only in the rancher-compose CLI, not the UI.

Should work, that’s what we were looking for. It makes sense however that services do generate data and unless you’re going to store that data within the containers of the service (which doesn’t make much sense in my opinion) then things like Sidekicks make much more sense.